Scar removal is a very complicated and expensive process and many men and women just opt to hide them using scar creams, gels, and even silicone scar sheeting. This skin problem is known to cause emotional turmoil to most people and this always drives them to find ways of making them less visible. Here are 3 major reasons why people try to hide scars.

1. It has an unsightly appearance.
No matter where the scar is, be it on the leg, arm or face, it usually ruins the skin tone and may at times give someone a look that is not appealing. Certain scars can even have a band like mark with a pale pink color. Such scars usually worsen and become wrinkled with a red or purple color. They can sometimes even turn white and have a look that resembles the look of crepe paper. This ruins the appearance of the skin which is why many people wish to hide it.
2. Emotional disturbance.
Although skin scars pose no health risk, people want to hide them because they are emotionally scarring. They usually bring down the self-esteem of a person, especially teenagers. Such marks are known to trigger stress and anxiety. People who are emotionally affected by scars are embarrassed to go to the beach, wear certain clothes or even have a change of clothes in the locker room when people are around. Such individuals will always try different skin products until they find one that hides the scars well.
3. Psychological effects.
Because scars are very noticeable and can be persistent throughout one’s life, they can cause the affected people to become depressed. Such psychological effects can be very significant in some individuals. They may even result in painful and costly procedures just to hide them.
Because of the above effects, affected individuals will always try to hide the scars. Since they do not affect the health, one should be very careful with the product he or she chooses to hide the scar.

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