Best GoPro Stabilizer for a Better Shot

Taking photos and videos can be daunting especially for people who don’t have a steady hand. Fortunately, due to the innovation of our technology more and more manufacturers are making accessories that will make things easier for your GoPro users. If you are one of the many who are looking for the best GoPro stabilizer, then the information below will help you find the right one.

GoPro Stabilizer

A monopod is similar with hand-held stabilizers since it helps the user to get results that are high quality. There are a lot of stabilizers in the market today, which are all designed to help you get the type of shot that you have been dreaming of. But this does not mean that you can just grab the GoPro stabilizer that you see in the stores because you also need to take into consideration the environment you are in. Of course, your shooting style should also be taken into consideration.

Always remember that it is not all about getting the best GoPro stabilizer, but the shots that you actually want.

Things to Consider in Choosing a GoPro Stabilizer

For you to be able to know what type of GoPro stabilizer you want, it would be best to know your angle of view and composition shot. Knowing these things will help you find the best type of GoPro stabilizer in the market today.

Shot Composition

Getting a smooth shot is one of the best results that every photographer wants to have. When you are filming a moving subject, it would be best to leave an extra room from head to toe. This will ensure that you won’t start losing a particular part of your subject while you are filming. But if you are going to be moving your GoPro most of the time, it would be best to avoid close-ups since it will be difficult for you to make it less noticeable.

Angle of View

The first thing that you need to consider is the angle of the lens of your camera. The reason behind this is because it can also contribute to the greater or equal effect on your handheld shot’s smoothness. You need to ensure that you have a wide shot because it will be less noticeable than your camera’s shaking during the shoot. Typically, action cameras have a view of between 120 and 180 degrees, which is wide. A cinema camera, on the other hand, has a 35 sized sensor while a DSLR has 120 degrees in angle of view.

If your lens is longer than the usual 50mm, then holding your GoPro for an extended period of time will cause your hand to shake. This may also be possible even if you have a stabilizer. It would be best to use 35mm lens, as this will be easier for you to maintain and get steady shots.

Types of GoPro Stabilizer

Motorized GoPro Stabilizer

Motorized GoPro stabilizer is one of the best types of stabilizer since once you are done setting it up, you can instantly start shooting. This kind of stabilizer will help you maintain a smooth shooting, and all you have to do is to frame your shots. There are also models that will contribute to maintaining the needed angle, so you no longer have to do anything at all.

Non-Motorized GoPro Stabilizer

Non-motorized GoPro stabilizers will let you gain more control on the camera. For instance, if you want to tilt the camera in a certain position, then you may do so easily. The downside of using this stabilizer is that it might take a while for you to get used to it. The reason behind this is because this will require more interaction. But once you get the hang of it, then it will be easy for you to operate a non-motorized GoPro stabilizer.

Top 4 of the Best Handheld GoPro Stabilizer

  1. Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer for GoPro

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer for GoPro and as well as for DSLR and smartphones. They constructed and designed this stabilizer with pro-style, which will help provide less shake and motion. You will surely feel like a pro because of their shake free and super solid design. This stabilizer has a no-slip grip lower arm, which will surely eliminate any types of swaying.

Another good thing about the Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer for GoPro is that you can use it to any kinds of cameras that you have, for as long as the weight does not exceed 2.1 pounds. To ensure a precise adjustment, the stabilizer is equipped with three separate counterweights. If you are going to create an indie film, then worry no more because you can get due to the smooth motion shots that this has.


  • Compatible with almost every camera
  • Provide smooth motion
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a free video training tutorial


  • Balancing the camera at first can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it then there wouldn’t be any problem

2. Fantaseal Ergonomic Action Camera Hand Grip Mount for GoPro

Fantaseal Ergonomic Action Camera Hand Grip Mount is known to be a versatile action grip, with a built-in clamp for you to control your GoPro quickly. This stabilizer is perfect for people who are planning to do a long time shooting. It is made out of ABS material which is highly strong. What’s good about this stabilizer is that it has a rubber plate, which will add protection to your device when it is too slippery or when you accidentally drop it.

Another good thing about Fantaseal Ergonomic Action Camera Hand Grip Mount is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You will surely love shooting birthdays, weddings, or just random events in your life since it will help stabilize your GoPro to produce a smooth output.


  • Has a solid grip
  • Has a 35mm offset
  • Anti-slip Lichee pattern for a more comfortable grip
  • Can easily connect the camera to your smartphone via Bluetooth


  • Size may be small for people with bigger hands, but provide comfort

3. Opteka X-Grip Professional Action Stabilizing Handle for Gopro

Opteka X-Grip Professional Action Stabilizing Handle for GoPro can perfect fit every camcorder and compact today. It has a cushioned and padded NBR handle, to reduce stress whenever you are shooting a long film. This stabilizer also has an ABS high-grade impact-absorbent plastic. What’s good about this stabilizer is that it has a shoe mount for microphones, flashes, and as well as video lights.

Another good thing about the Opteka X-Grip is that it can easily be transported since it is light in weight. So no matter where you are going or if you are filming yourself, you no longer have to worry about carrying something heavy. Whether you are an amateur user or a professional one, you will surely get the most out of this GoPro stabilizer.


  • Cushioned NBR padded handle
  • Removable shoe mount
  • Non-slip rubber rails
  • Fits camcorders and compact cameras


  • Needs a bit of weight for added security, but works as expected

4. FeiyuTech G5 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer

FeiyuTech G5 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer is specifically tailored for Hero5 GoPro and Hero4. Of course, it can also be used in most cameras with the same size, so you don’t have to worry about anything. It is waterproof IP67 motorized action camera gimbal. This means that you can shoot film or even if it starts to rain or along the seaside.

Another good thing about FeiyuTech G5 3-Axis is that it has anti-loss long screws, which means that the camera will be safely secured while you are on the move. The user interface that is intuitive will help you to set the stabilizer anytime you please easily. Lastly, the unibody arm is specially made for sports camera gimbal for a shake-free performance.


  • Rubberized handle grip
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-shake performance
  • Waterproof


  • Can emit noise, but is tolerable so your shooting experience won’t get affected

These are the top GoPro stabilizer reviews that will help you choose as to which to purchase. For this review, the winner would be Opteka X-Grip Professional Action Stabilizing Handle for GoPro. The reason behind this is because it will not only work well with GoPro cameras but as well as other camcorders and compact cameras. It also has a shoe mount where you can mount the mic, flashes, or the video lights securely.

No matter what type of GoPro stabilizer you choose, always opt for something that will not only provide you with everything that you need but one that will also suit your budget.